Prepac has been manufacturing automatic vertical form fill seal machines to package liquids in flexible plastic pouches. 
                                        Prepac is the pioneer in manufacturing liquid pouch packaging equipment and providing solutions with more than 35 years of experience. 
                              Our fully automatic liquid pouch packaging machines are ideal for packing milk, fruit juices, water, 
                              edible oil
butter oil and are also capable 
                                        of handling thick viscous product such as shampoo
                              soft cheese, sauces, fruit purees, glue, ketchups and soups.

                                         A film roll is mounted on the rear side of the machine which automatically form fill and seal your product in pillow pouches or standing pouches as per your packaging requirements. 
                                          This development of packaging technology has not only contributed to improving aesthetic appeal of the products but has also improved hygiene and prolonged shelf life.



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